Back Office BPO Support

On the go turn-key services redefined.

Guaranteed process improvement and cost reduction

Many back office tasks are integral to a company’s core business process. In order to outsource them, one must be able to trust that these tasks will be performed not just more efficiently or at a lower cost, but also with the same or even higher level of quality than they have been performed in-house. With longstanding experience in outsourcing back office services, excellent service quality and an outstanding track record, we have the means to meet all of these expectations.

PlatinumBPO takes pride in being one of the leading nearshoring BPO service providers for businesses located globally. Furthermore, PlatinumBPO also upholds a largely client centered approach, which is based on the establishment of mutual trust, complete process transparency and development of tailor made services that best fit each of their clients’ needs and requirements. PlatinumBPO has collaborated with numerous companies and provided a wide range of back office services, most of which are still being provided today.

Types of Back Office Services we facilitate:

  • Accountancy & bookkeeping
  • Data collection & processing
  • Revenue Management & Protection
  • Marketing
  • Crew Planning
  • Incoming/outgoing invoice processing & management
  • Customer service related back office tasks
  • Call center related back office tasks
  • Airline company back office tasks
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