Platinum BPO Solutions is a leading provider of inbound and outbound call center services in Jamaica. The skills, experience and resources to help your company achieve higher operational performance at a significantly reduced cost are all here at your finger tips.

Save Time & Money

Outsourcing the customer contact management process allows everyone in your company to devote their full time and attention to your core business. As individuals and as an organization you stay focused on what you do best, without the distraction of dealing with phone inquiries.

Increase Sales

Whether inbound or outbound, our call center agents have the knowledge and training to motivate people to buy. Once they have a good understanding of your product or service, they easily translate their experience into your specific selling environment.

Preserve Your Brand Culture

Outsourcing your contact center operations doesn’t mean giving up your brand identity. When we engage with clients, we take the time to get to know their brand, their values—everything that is important to the culture of their organization. We align ourselves with your brand from top to bottom to ensure that we meet your expectations efficiently.

Diversifying Processes

Global Outsourcing Solutions has been in the business of continuous process improvement. We don’t look to simply “lift and shift” our clients’ processes—we have a dedicated team that applies Lean, Six Sigma and other methodologies to find ways to save costs, improve quality and increase efficiency.

Employee Training, Hiring, & Retention

We begin by recruiting the best agent candidates in the workforce. We then work with you to develop tailored training designed to produce agents who are an extension of your brand. Our instructor-led training includes Quality Assurance steps to ensure that every agent is prepared before representing your company on the contact center floor.

Improve Customer Service

Having a team of professionals who are trained to work with customers, fulfill orders and resolve problems makes the customer experience faster and more effective. Whether a customer needs to change an order, return a product, or has a problem with using your product, call center representatives can take care of any issue in a timely manner.

Customer Experience Redefined

When we provide outsourced contact center services for our clients, we want to make sure they are always “in the loop” and have complete visibility to the way we engage with their customers. From smarter software to specialized agent training, our multi-channel expertise encourages engagement that increases satisfaction and drives conversion.

That’s why we use “RedCloud” cloud-based contact center software platform. RedCloud provides powerful real-time reporting of customer service metrics and other Key Performance Indicators of the contact center operation.

Client Login

Calls Monitored/Scored

1.5 Thousand Monthly

Quality Assurance Score

91.1% (Average)

Client KPI's Objectives

85% (Average)

Average Outbound Calls


Average Inbound Calls


Average Leads Generated


HR Retention Percentage



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